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Victoria, BC


Over the past few years, we have all been touched by the ongoing food recalls and the significant impact they have had on our pets and people. We regularly hear from pet owners, that they are increasingly more concerned about what to feed their pets, and where all the ingredients in pet food products originate. We are proud to say, that the ingredients we use in all our products are 100% North American. We use only the finest organic and human quality ingredients to make our products, each chosen for their taste and their special nutritional properties. Our focus is on making each ingredient count. Why feed your dog foreign ingredients, additives and preservatives that you often can't pronounce, when you can feed them less . . . and get so much more ?!



What is VaryBerry? 

     - a completely natural powder concentrate, created from a variety of the world's healthiest foods

     - whole blueberries, whole cranberries, whole red and black raspberries, and cinnamon

     - 100% free of GMO's, artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives, like sulphites.

     - no corn, no soy, no wheat, no yeast

     - the berries are processed using a certified organic cold pressed extraction method.

Why use VaryBerry?

     - it's high in antioxidants

     - it's heart healthy and blood sugar friendly

     - it helps to support urinary tract, dental and eye health

     - it reduces the risk of developing cancer

How do I use VaryBerry?

     - sprinkle on your pet's food every day before serving - muffins, kibble, canned, raw, home cooked, etc.

     - mix in with yogurt as a topper for your pet's food

     - stuff a Kong or a Tux with a mixture of peanut butter (no added salt or sugar) and VaryBerry and freeze for when you go out

     - mix VaryBerry with pure fruit juice and freeze in ice cube trays

     - make easy, economical treats by mixing 4 cups of whole grain flour ( oat, rice, etc) with 1/4 cup VaryBerry and just enough water

      to form a ball. Roll out on a cookie sheet and score with a knife. Cook in a preheated  oven at 350 degrees until bone dry.

     - come up with your own recipe and let us know!