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Victoria, BC


Over the past few years, we have all been touched by the ongoing food recalls and the significant impact they have had on our pets and people. We regularly hear from pet owners, that they are increasingly more concerned about what to feed their pets, and where all the ingredients in pet food products originate. We are proud to say, that the ingredients we use in all our products are 100% North American. We use only the finest organic and human quality ingredients to make our products, each chosen for their taste and their special nutritional properties. Our focus is on making each ingredient count. Why feed your dog foreign ingredients, additives and preservatives that you often can't pronounce, when you can feed them less . . . and get so much more ?!

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Our dogs are getting biscuits for the first time in their lives because of the introduction to Endless Pawsabilities. I know with certainty that every item in your splendid line of products comprises the finest possible ingredients. Your VaryBerry powders are nutritional powerhouses courtesy of the heaps of antioxidants and other superb foodstuffs. Your wonderful biscuits are redolent of the cinnamon and fruit they contain. No wonder our girls salivate when I open the boxes! The liver brittle is pure genius and I love to hear the crunch as they gobble it up. It is a really good feeling to be able to give our girls your biscuits and powders because of how healthful they are.

Endless Pawsibilities is the Dean and Deluca / Fauchon/Fortnum and Mason of the canine world! All our thanks to you.


Port Albernie


Denym loves the banana split, just like you said she would. She starts licking her lips as if to say "nummy" as she runs down the stairs for her meal. So adorable




Just want to let you know that I took home one of the sample tins (HEALING HELPER) you generously supplied. I have started to use it on our new (to us) shih tzu, Devon Shire Cream. He has had a hot spot on his left flank almost since we got him him July.

I have put your ointment on him Sunday and Monday, and it looks so much better. Amazing!




Just want to let you know that my dogs love the powder and I still haven't go through all the shakers yet, it really does last a very long time. So far they like the original vary berry and the pumpkin pie. It also makes their breath smell like cinnamon which is never a bad thing.


Mary and Robin
New York


Endless Pawsibilities Rocks! Robin loves this stuff and is staying healthy now that he has these great products to help him beat cancer. Thank you for all you do!

TNT Kennels & Training Center
Abbotsford, British Columbia


I have been using "Endless Pawsibilities" products for a number of years now. Dina processes the orders very quickly and has a true love for what she does. I know when she is baking for my dogs that she adds in a few tablespoons of love. I always get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I go onto the "Endless Pawsibities" website. I feel that what Dina does comes from her heart and a part of her sales are donated to one of my favourite charities, "Smiling Blue Skies."

Dina is creative with her baking, offering many different types of cookies for all types of dogs. Most recently, I have been using her newest product, VaryBerry; what could be healthier for my best friend!

Hillside Veterinary Hospital
Victoria, British Columbia


VaryBerry Liver Brittle is a staple in our clinic and the dogs love it! We can never be without it. One of the owners actually refers to it as 'Dog Crack'

Joy, 'Dixie' and 'Yogi'
Parksville, British Columbia


These treats are Dixie certified. Known to actually spit out food fit for every other dog on the planet, she LOVES her 'Endless Pawsibilities' goodies (ALL flavours). And of course, the treats can have Yogi sitting attentively at the slightest hint of movement of the cookie jar.

Nora and 'Molly'
Pensacola, Florida


The bars arrived today. They are great! Molly likes them too! They were a real hit. She even tore the box apart after I had removed the bars. Thank you so much for making me the special recipe. The blueberry substitution and the extra sweetness made such a difference for me. The carob ones I bought won''t go to waste. Molly loves them, so she will definitely be eating all the ones of the original recipe I have left. Thank you again for being so accommodating.

Suzi, "BB King," "Rainey," and "Riley"
Victoria, British Columbia


I like "Endless Pawsibilities" treats so much, that I eat them myself. My current favourite is "Banana Hemp." I like my dogs to get lots of variety when it comes to their special treat times. "Endless Pawsibilities" provides my dogs with everything they "want" and everything I think they "need." Not only do "Endless Pawsibilities" treats taste great, but I know my dogs are getting a terrific nutritional boost too, each time they munch and crunch their treats. The power bars are a household hit too, and my dogs never say "no" to a truffle, and special occasion cakes can cause a "canine carnival." To top it off, my 'Endless Pawsibilities' treats are delivered to my door every week!